About Us

A Passion for Travel & Gemology

A note from Marvin Schwab, Owner

I started importing gemstones and beads from India in 1982 while backpacking. Beads became our life from our passion for nature's bountiful beauty found in the strata on our hikes.
Now my wife and I have the 1stbeadwarehouse in our 2,200 sq. ft., two story Bead Warehouse with all the basics.

Along our travels in the Himalayas, I started making jewelry, cutting gemstones, and studying with with bench jewelers. Gemological studies became a natural by product of my interest in crystalography and geology. We were contracted to build a gem cutting lab in Mexico.

Now we are distributors for American and International companies in all phases of jewelry manufacturing located in Silver Spring, MD...and available online for you.

Our goal at The Bead Warehouse/Marvin Schwab is to provide high quality materals at reasonable prices to advance our customers' professional skills with their products, and maintaining professional gemological standards. We do travel to various trade shows in the country which are listed on our events section on our www.thebeadwarehouse.com website. In addition to all this, we work with non-profit organizations promoting beads and its coinciding with the history of civilization and study of eclectic philosophy.