Product Review: Battery Operated Bead Reamers

  • Jan 10 2015
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Electric Bead Reamer: Use, care and review of our newest addition to the tool line

Do exercise care in the operation of your bead reamer. Use eye protection; this is absolutely mandatory. One drop of water flying off the bit could cause injury, let alone a speck of metal or rock. I have been doing this for 40 years and I still have slip ups. Please note these are just our tips and tricks and not intended as full instruction on the tool. Please use with caution, with all safety equipment suggested by the manufacturer. We are not liable for any injury caused by improper or proper use.

Do not expect this article to replace years of learning through hard knocks, but we hope this will help you get started. Onto the tips and tricks!

Brand New. These are from Beadalon and come with 2 diamond tipped bits each. This is a nice beginner reamer and is priced accordingly. If you ream many beads for your business we recommend a heavier duty piece. You can get the reamer HERE. This item is SOLD OUT, but you can see our other tools here.

Do not overheat a bead, it will burn you and break the bead.

I have included a picture of a crystal point which I reamed its hole size to approximately 2mm from a start of about 1mm. This took me less than 3 minutes and I took my time with it.

This tool will give you great returns. The battery life seems to be good although I have not run it for more than 4 or 5 minutes. While experimenting, the diamonds will do many bead if used correctly. If not, you will wear the diamond grit off and only get a couple uses out of each bit.

These bits are meant to enlarge an existing hole or clean one up. Do not expect to start a hole with these bits.

Do not burn the diamond grit off by drilling without a lubricant - all you need is water. I use a handheld spray bottle of water to flush the hole and the reamer, so as not to build up grit. You can also simply dip your bit tip (NOT the plastic electronic part) and/or beads in water. Be careful not to get oil in the bead you are working on.

This will not be as good as my $200 air driven handpiece, but will do the job for most casual and professional beaders alike. The bits are each worth $4 retail, so buy them just to use. They are not the heaviest diamond grit available, but a good value, well made and could serve you well if used properly.

Thanks for reading and happy beading!

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