Wire Guardians: When & How to Use Them

  • Mar 20 2015
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A professional jewelry maker had a question, we answered. Wire guardians are used to slow wear on bead wire from clasps, beads or other friction points that cause failure.

These little horseshoe shaped parts may be slipped on the end of your beading wire after the crimp, but BEFORE you crimp the bead down to finish your project.

Adding them to your work is dead simple. Put the crimp on your strand at the end, then through one hole on the guardian, then back through the other hole of the same guardian, now add your clasp by threading the clasp on so it hangs at the bend on the hoseshoe, and finally back through the crimp to be finished.

These guardians come in Sterling as well as Silver plate and Gold plate.

They add strength as well as a better look to you jewelry for your top of the line designs.

We invite you to write us with specific questions! Thanks for reading.


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