14K Beads 3mm Round Smooth 50 pieces American Made heavy wall

$42.00 3 available

14K Gold 3mm Beads Round Smooth Seamless 
Heavy Wall Made in the USA  50 pieces
Free Shipping in the lower 48 States
Regular Hole for Bead stringing .035 - .040 hole size; approx. .9 - 1mm.

Distributors for Beadalon, American made Beads and findings in the best Sterling Silver, Gold Filled and 14k, Ziplocks, tools, and plated beads, supplies, collectible Beads and Trade Beads See our other stones, inventory and basic beading supplies in our e-bay store. Buy the Best and Leave the Rest!

Our guides include info on how to select wire sizes, some unique crimping ideas. We hope to bring more info to help you in the jewelry business.

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Our specialty is American made Beads and findings. Our products offer a greater value when used in your jewelry. We stock 14k as well as Gold filled and Sterling Silver products. We find American products our made with greater precision. This will equate to better appearance. All semi precious stones are graded by the quality of drilling the holes as well as the cutting of the shape and the colors and beauty of patterns. Our stones are of the top commercial grade: highest polish, best color, straight drilling, top of the line! Beadalon products, largest variety. America Made Sterling Silver is .925, 14k gold guaranteed 58.5% gold and our Gold Filled findings gives you quality value.
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