28mm Jumbo Quartz Crystal Points 8" Tumbled Electric Blue Titanium Beads Teeth

$12.99 2 available
8" Strand Quartz Crystal terminated Points Tumbled Mystic Blue Titanium Coating Beads Teeth, Like Shown. Wonderful focal beads, wire wrapped pendants, chakra beads and more.

Quantity: 7-8" half strand; Size of the points vary , and some points are not terminated Breaks or chipping along natural fractures do appear in your strand you have selected; this is part of the natural beauty of these crystal quartz formations. All the beads are usable even though not all will be perfect. We package these carefully - check our feedback!

Material: Quartz; Side DRILLED and Tumbled Smooth with high polish Metallic Blue permanent coating. Some variation to coating on the quartz Very beautiful!
Size: Average points are 20-28mm long x 8-12mm wide points. Points vary in length

Colors vary from monitor to monitor and natural or artificial lighting; we appreciate your understanding.