45mm Gold Titanium Quartz Crystal Points Rough 8" Coated Beads Teeth

$15.99 1 available
8" Strand Quartz Crystal Points Rough Gold Titanium Color Coating Beads Teeth. This is for a LIKE, but not this exact strand so notice the picture and the condition of the beads. Cut in half at center to include longest and shortest points. These side drilled beads in a shimmer with some gold and clear face tones. Wonderful focal beads, wire wrapped pendants, chakra beads and more.

Quantity: 7-8" half strand; approximately 15-20 beads. Size of the points vary , and some points are not terminated
Material: Quartz; Tip side DRILLED and rough with coating. Some variation to coating on the quartz
Size: Average points are 28 to 44m long x 9-14mm wide points. Points vary in length Colors vary from monitor to monitor and natural or artificial lighting; we appreciate your understanding.

Breaks or chipping along natural fractures do appear in your strand you have selected; this is part of the natural beauty of these crystal quartz formations. All the beads are usable even though not all will be perfect. We package these carefully - check our feedback! We reserve the right to cut the strand in half to make the shipping safer. Naturally you will receive all the beads!