Beadalon 19 strand Beading Wire CHOOSE Diam 100' Bright Stainless Coated Free Ship

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The middle level series of beadalon's beading wire, the 19 strand 100' is ideal for your crafting needs. We carry the 7, 19 and 49 strand wire to meet all your diversified beading requirements. The higher the strandage level, the greater the strength and flexibility. 7-strand: good; 19-strand: better; 49-strand: Best! Premium!

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.010 and .012 are the smallest diameters, good for stringing small hole beads and pearls. The .015 is the diameter used for stringing most regular beads and pearls with larger holes and the .018 is the larger of the medium, average hole bead diameters. .021 and .024 are great for threading heavier or larger hole beads.

Strandage: 19 Strand
Diameter: YOU CHOOSE DIAMETER IN DROP DOWN MENU: .010, .012, .015, .018, .021, .024**
Spool Length: 100 ft

Color: Bright stainless steel with nylon clear coating

Label may be different as Beadalon updates it's packaging.

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