Beadalon Remembrance Memory Wire CHOOSE 1oz Bracelet Necklace Regular Large

$6.29 2 available
Beadalon Remembrance Memory Wire CHOOSE 1oz Bright Bracelet Necklace Regular or Large Loop Size

You'll get the exact size as you pick in menu, in original manufacturer packaging CHOOSE from Regular Bracelet, Large Bracelet, Extra Large Bracelet, Regular Necklace or Large Necklace

Wire is approximately 25 gauge or .51mm in diameter.

Adding beads will enlarge the size. Create multiple wraps of colorful beads. This product will enlarge slightly as larger beads are put on the bracelet or when wrapped around a larger wrist or neck. We have ring size as well. Various package styles exist, the wire is the same but we will ship whatever package style we have in stock in the quantity listed. Thank you for your understanding.

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