Solid Brass Donut Bail Holder 40mm 2 pieces

$5.99 5 available
Yellow Brass Stone donut holder bail 2 pc lot, dsigned for donuts from approx 34mm to 40mm. Turn stone donuts into a classy dangles for earrings or pendants. Ease your pendant through the hole put the end loops together and you are on the way to a hanger. We will do any quantity you need.

The 40mm donut is for your reference only and is not included. The donut we used in the display is 40mm a slightly larger dount could fit. These donuts vary in thickness but the thickest width would be close to 6mm. Of course if you take on a little bending it could be made to fit a variety of donuts. Extremes are beyond the scope of silver bending but using with the standard 40mm donuts will be simple.

Material: Yellow Brass
Quantity: 2 Bails
Size: Bail length from top of curve to bottom of rings is approximately 26mm. Inside spread at middle is approxmately 8mm and when closed 5.5mm. Outside diameter of ring is approx. 5mm; inside diameter is approx. 3mm.